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Joost/Royal Web Logistics BV:
I really enjoyed attending the IGLA conference in BKK this year. All participants did their best to make IGLA 2015 a succes.

Luciano/Delta Mare Srl:
I wish to thank you for the excellent conference held in BKK ! We have already contacted several people we had met there and have already started to work with some of them. It certainly looks good for the future

JOJIT /Ocean Blitz- Manila:
My congratulations and heartwarming thanks to IGLA for creating such a wonderful conference.

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How to become a member?
Please fill in the members application form given in the Membership page. Our customer service staff will get back to you by email.

How much does IGLA membership cost?
IGLA, annual membership fees  can be obtained by contacting us on our contact form or by filling in the members application form

Why should I become a member? 
We take your business across continents. We connect you to potential and professional business partners. We create a global platform to grow your business. The members’ business interchange program encourages members to work with fellow members. We urge members to support other members with minimum 5 shipments at least in a year. For more details you are free to visit our website

Is the network exclusive?
NO. Igla is a non exclusive network.  

How is IGLA different to other networks?
Igla does not concentrate only in bringing freight forwarders together. The network, strives to link the customers with the forwarders. By participating in various exhibitions, advertising in importer/exporter journals etc., IGLA team strives to create awareness among the exporting community about the network. Customers are free to post their inquiries on the website to attract best offers. This helps the members in the network to have more business opportunities.

If you require any further information about IGLA. Please drop us an email at  
[email protected] , [email protected]


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