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Items Price (USD)/person Request
Registration fee $800
Registration fee $750
Registration fee $750
Registration fee $750
Registration fee $750
Conference Attendee fee $650
Conference Attendee fee $600
Spouse $500
Accompanying Person $700


We would like to invite you for our 7th Annual Conference.





Input your company's username and password as follows:

Login E-mail: Use your IGLA Conference login Email

Password: Use your IGLA Conference login password

Once logged in, you will be presented with "IGLA One to One Meeting" page showing the list of all the meeting slots. From this page you can schedule your meetings by selecting the companies from the drop down menus in the appropriate time slot and by clicking the "Schedule Your Meetings" button.

By clicking on the “Schedule your meeting” you can see a drop down box named “Select your Participant Company”. Select the participant company and click on “Send Request”. And your request will be sent to the participant company. If the company you requested for appointment accepts your invitation, your appointment will be booked and time slot closed for both of you.

Similarly, when you receive a meeting request, you have the option to accept or unavailable the meeting, by choosing “Accept” or “Unavailable” button and the participant company will be notified accordingly.

There are a total of 22 open meeting slots for you to utilize during the conference.

Your schedule will show all of your meetings, including meetings that other participants have invited you to.

If you will not be available for certain "Meeting Slot(s)", then you can Click the "Block" button, during this time slot your company will not be visible for others to book meeting with you.

If you would like to view details of a company, click on the "Participants List" tab and click "Full Details" next to the appropriate company.

Once you have all of your meetings scheduled, you may click on "Report" to print or save your meeting schedules.

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Securing Visas upon entry in Malaysia

Malaysia eVISA Entry Specifications, Validity and Length of Authorized Stay

The Malaysian eVISA is a Single-Entry Visa (SEV). An approved eVISA authorizes entry into Malaysia for three (3) months and allows stays in Malaysia for a maximum of thirty (30) consecutive days.

Passport guidelines for the eVISA for Malaysia

The traveler’s passport must be valid for at least six (6) months at the moment of application.

Entry Ports for Malaysia

The eVISA allows the traveler to enter Malaysia via all gazette entry/exit points.

Additional evidence requirements:
  • Color front page of passport
  • A recent passport-style color photo
  • Confirmed return flight booking
  • Confirmed accommodation bookings in Malaysia
  • For minors under 12 years of age a birth certificate is required

At the moment of application you only need your passport information. If your application will require further documentation, you can provide it at a later date.

Requirements at the checkpoint to enter Malaysia
  • Printed copy of the approved eVISA;
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months (must be the one used to complete the eVISA application);
  • Confirmed return flight booking;
  • Proof of accommodation;
  • Sufficient funds (cash/travellers cheques/debit or credit cards) to cover expenses during your stay in Malaysia.

Eligible countries

Please click to find the attachment below

Road Map

Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Vivatel
Distance : 50 Kms Approximate

Airport Taxi

Travellers can choose from taxi and limo services offered by Airport Limo from KLIA[Main Terminal/ Terminal 2 to selected areas in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Metered Taxi

Available at level 1 and 3 of the Main Terminal Building, the metered taxis offers an alternative for travellers to get around. Passengers have to purchase RM2 coupon prior to boarding these taxis.

Metered Taxi
  • RM3.00 for the first 1 KM or first 3 minutes
  • RM0.10 for each consequent 115 metres or consequent 21 seconds
  • 0% surcharge from 12a.m - 6 a.m
Executive Taxi Fares: RM 200 approx
  • RM6.00 for first 1 KM or first 2 minutes
  • RM0.20 for each consequent 150 metres or consequent 45 seconds
  • 50% surcharge from 12a.m - 6a.m



Amber 16 F 2, Olympia Opaline,

33, Rajiv Gandhi Road, Navalur

Chennai - 600 130, India.


Mobile: +91 9940100929

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