Terms And Conditions

Membership Rules
  1. IGLA members must be privately owned companies, partnerships or corporations, involved in the international freight forwarding and transportation industry.
  2. Members may only represent areas where they have their own offices.
  3. The Annual Membership Fee, which covers one calendar year is payable by each member as indicated on their invoice. Members are requested to pay before the due date to avoid late fee or termination of membership.
  4. The Annual Membership Fee may be increased at any time during the year (the increase shall not exceed 10% once per year).
  5. IGLA President reserves the right to cancel or reject membership or application. He may use his discretionary powers keeping in mind the welfare of the association and its members.
  6. A company shall cease to be a member of IGLA if:
    • the Member does not adhere to the Rules of Membership or Code of Conduct.
    • the member gives notice of resignation in writing to the IGLA President, or:
    • failure of member to attend three consecutive annual meetings.
    • Members accept and understand that all transactions are undertaken at their own risk and judgment and that, under no circumstances, will IGLA be held responsible.
  7. The premium members are free to add the IGLA logo, till such time they are members with IGLA network...
Code of Conduct
  1. Members are expected to support and develop business and maintain friendly relationship with IGLA partners.
  2. Members must maintain strict confidentiality of all information about its partners. They should conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.
  3. Members are advised to communicate their payment terms and credit policies directly to their fellow members. IGLA will not be responsible for bad debts if any.
  4. Members are to communicate efficiently and promptly (within a maximum of 24 hours) with their fellow members.
  5. Members are urged to quote only net net rates to their fellow members.
  6. All payments must be made in the currency that is marked as payable on the invoice.
  7. Members must accept their own bank charges.
  8. Members must be prepared to dedicate new business within 1 (one) year of joining. Existing long standing relationships are acceptable on the basis that a member may not reciprocate business in those areas. These areas must be specified upon Application.
  9. As a member of IGLA, we expect all member s to abide by the above rules and practices in all dealings with other fellow members.



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33, Rajiv Gandhi Road, Navalur

Chennai - 600 130, India.


Mobile: +91 9940100929

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